24 October 2015

rainy autumn fridays


 jeans, tshirt, cardigan - H&M
coat - F&F
shoes - Converse
bag - Mango
hat - Primark


14 October 2015

my favorite breakfasts/snacks

I love food and I couldn't imagine my morning routine without a breakfast and snacking throughout the day. Breakfast is probably my most favourite time of the day! I'm trying to eat more healthy and it's actually better when you have e.g. 6 smaller portions a day than one big meal. I wanted to show you some of my current favourites, so here we go!

Avocado toast
This is so simple and delicious, probably my number one! Just toast your bread and put an unsalted spread and sliced avocado on it. Then you can add salt, pepper, chia seeds, basil leaves...

Oatmeal is perfect for mornings, especially when the weather outside is cold ( like now)  and you just want something to warm you up. Put the oats in a bowl, pour some water in it and let them sit and swell for 10 mins. Then put the oats on the cooker, pour a milk in it and cook  until it's milky and fine. You can add fruits, chocolate, honey or peanut butter on top of it, the limits are endless:)

White yoghurt with fruit
This is the easiest snack I know, it's just a white yoghurt topped with your favorite fruit :) Healthy, quick and delicious. Add muesli, oats, nuts...

Smoothie bowl
This is just a thicker smoothie in a bowl! I wrote an article about smoothie bowls here, definitely check it out, they're so healthy and fun to decorate.

What are your favorite snacks/breakfasts? Do you prefer to eat healthier?