14 February 2014

st.valentine's day & Italy

Good Friday everyone! There's finally the weekend and the spring break begin! 9 days without school! YES! Sounds like heaven! We're leaving tomorrow and going to the mountains in Italy! It's wonderful there and I'm already looking forward to it! ♥

Here are some photos of the week:

 family breakfast♥

Otherwise, I can't forget to wish you a happy Valentine's Day! I think it's not just about love between partners in relationship. It's also about love between family members, friends and others. Love has many forms. Personally, I'm enjoying this day with my family surrounded by good and tasty food and love is in the air right now! Enjoy this day as much as you can! Bye♥

12 February 2014


I love caramel, chocolate and strawberry ones ♥
 How was your week?