30 November 2013


Hello! Now I'm at my grandparents' cottage and watching PLL with a big cup of tea. I should do some homeworks, but I thought I'd create a blog post first. It's been stressful in school these days, right before Christmas. Later today we're going to visit our aunt and uncle, haha, so now I have to start my homework. ..anyway I'm looking forward to travel to Portugal, I need a break! haha, just 7 days to go ♥ 

How was your week?

24 November 2013

portugal in 2 weeks ! ♥

Heey! OMG I'm so excited! In 2 weeks I'm travelling to Lisboa and then Algarve in Portugal!! It'll be really wonderful to travel again. I'm going with my sister and parents. I'm looking forward to walking on the beach(it'll be about 17°C but whatever haha :D) and streets, shops, meals at restaurants, delicious dinners out, maybe sightseeing? and soo much more. I've been to Portugal 8 times in past and i love this place every single time! It is interesting to travel before Christmas  to see how they decorate the town for Christmas, and it's a great time and place to buy Christmas gifts and souvenirs! Have you ever been to Portugal? ♥

(photo credit-my dad)

16 November 2013

fine pancakes

I thought i'll share a recipe of pancakes that i make every friday. It's very simple and most of the ingredients are usually at home. These pancakes can be served with anything you want - jam, nutella, fresh fruit and berries, yoghurt,maple syrup, cinnamon, cottage cheese or spinach. Enjoy it ♥

For 20 thin pancakes:
  • 2 eggs
  • 1/4 kg of flour
  • 1/2 liter of milk
  • 2 spoons of sunflower oil
  • pinch of salt

Mix everything together and fry this mixture in a pan until they are light brown.

I hate this weather, but it's not forever :) How is your weekend? ♥

15 November 2013


These photos are two weeks old, but I haven't got enough time to edit and post them. It was such a beautiful cozy afternoon and sleepover with Naty, we took some photos, made pancakes and blindfolded makeup challenge, watched movies and talked :) 
How was your week? ♥

 sweater- Camaieu/pants-Orsay/boots-Bata/necklase-Accessories


13 November 2013

inspo wall

Hey! Well, at first, I'm sorry for poor blogging these two weeks. This month we have a lot to do for school - quarterly exams, homeworks, projects and lot of other work. Then there is unfortunately not much time for blogging, I hope you understand. Next time's going to be better, with exams and of course blogging !
How was your week? ♥ :))) ♥
 Beautiful sunrise ♥

I've done my new inspiration-wall ! Do you like it?

06 November 2013

02 November 2013

my favorite blogs

I thought I can recommend you some of the blogs that I absolutely love! These bloggers are incredibly nice and takes very good and inspiring images! 

-she's so pretty and kind! my favorite blogger

-She's so beautiful, i love her photos!

-her outfits are so cute !

-she's very nice :)

-she's my good friend and her outfits are great ! :)

-famous swedish blogger, love her :)

-she's very good photographer, i love her photos !!

-she's great photographer and i love her articles!